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Mr. Chitrasen Sahu is a 27-year-old Civil Engineer from Balod, Chhattisgarh. He met with an accident at Bhatapara Railway Station, which resulted in double leg amputation.

He doesn't bow down to his disabilities, he embraces it. He is a national wheelchair Basketball player, Blade runner, and a mountaineer. Moreover, he is a motivational speaker who has helped more than 2000 differently abled comrades with proper counseling.

After his accident, He started his journey by scaling Mainpat, then in 2018 he planned to go even further, and thus embarked on the road to Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount kosciuszko.


  1. Fitness icon award MyFm 94.3 2018.
  2. Shikhar Samman 2019.
  3. Rotary Club Raipur West and Rajendra Kishan Lal Foundation Award 2019.
  4. Rotary Club Raipur East And Raipur Nagrik Parisad Award 2019.
  5. Chhattisgarh Ratna Award 2019 Swayam Siddha Foundation.


  1. First Indian double leg amputee ,who climbed Mount Kilimanjaro (highest peak of Africa Continent).
  2. First Indian double leg amputee ,who climbed Mount kosciuszko (highest peak of Australia Continent).
  3. First double leg amputee ,who did succesfully sky diving from 14000 feet.
  4. Represented 3 times chhattisgarh wheelchair basketball team as captain.
  5. Completed 5km marathon thrice with his team of blade runners.
  6. In 2017, Chitrasen bought a modified car, but wasn't legally allowed to drive it due to his condition. He filed a case in CG High Court, and fought for his rights for 20 months. Eventually, he won the case and opened the door for over 6 lakh similar cases.
  7. TedX Speaker.


At present, the goal is to reaching the highest peaks of 7 continent in the world, which he is under training with the mountain man Rahul Gupta, with the first goal being the target of 5895 m in Mount Kilimanjaro of Africa. To reach the height has been kept. If this goal is acheieved then he will be the first Indian bilateral amputee to reach the peak of mount Kilimanjaro.


Goal is to complete seven summits of seven continents and Moto is to provide every amputee artificial limb and better life and message that life is beyond the disability.
"Life is so Perfect" isn't it ?
Human species face the uncertainty where one may get certain surprises that are not easy to adapt. Casualty, Accident, and Disabilities bring challenges over normal lifestyle, but anyhow, it's just a part of life. I don't see it as a vulnerability, as others perceive it.
Standing in a row, we may look like the odd ones, but one must consider that we are still in the same row with everyone else.

There are a lots of policies and facilities for the differently abled people in the state but there benefits are not being reached to many people due to lack of awareness and knowledge. In many cases they also tend to suffer with depression and anxiety disorders. I am providing awareness & information about the government policies and guidelines to differently abled people and encouraging and counseling them to overcome depression. By now I am rehabilitated more than 2000 people by providing artificial limbs and assistive devices.
Since my long journey in different events and campaigns, their volunteer's team provides information to physicians and nursing staff of various hospitals, about the various technologies in assistive devices and accessories and the physiotherapy, rehabilitation and meditation aspects, to improve the quality of life of PwDs. Also various NGO's together with the efforts for providing employment to the differently abled people, the Employment drives are organised. He did worked to get the driving rights to the Differently abled, for which they filed a petition to Honorable High Court of Chhattisgarh and won the case for the same.


Mission inclusion is an initiative started by a Double leg amputee Chitrasen Sahu, whose objective is to bring behavioral change in society for People with Disability. His vision is to uplift the morale and confidence of PWD's, and to make them believe that it isn’t hard to live life with Disability. Rather, they should focus on how to live with “this ability”.


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